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it would be better if you can add the graphics changer. it lags for me

ponty, would you please add an uncooked version

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Hey Ponty, it would be great if the game remembers the advanced controls when toggled (PC).  Great work :)


Someone beat me

could you please add an option to download it for mac?

yes I want that also

me too


Toby is harder to beat than Pointy and Slam-Fist combined. Seriously, I beat intermediate and hard in seconds but fecking Toby has decided to go full Super Saiyan on my ass

26 - Pointy

43 - Slam Fist

3:11 - Toby

what are they feeding this guy?


The blocking sound is good, I think that the punch sounds are the real problem, they don't feel satisfying enough, I could barely distinguish them from the blocking. What really helped was the shield, super clever decision. 

Would be cool if you could stun the enemy for half a second or less when you block his attacks, something like a parry system, just to pace the game. I get confused easily when we're hitting each other. 

And keep the option with the old controls, personally I think the old ones are easier to use.

Just played the game again after the update. I like the new controls better, however they are still uncomfortable for me. I'm using a Xbox series controller and punching and shielding with RB & LB instead of RT & LT makes my hands hurt after 1 combat. I know this could be easily fixed with rebind-able controls, but I still think that RT & LT should be the default bindings.

The shield icon is perfect, great job.

I still find the AIs unfair because I cannot predict their attacks at all. The "preparation phase" of their animations that tells you where and what attack they are going to do it's very short (I've tried only beginner this time). However, thanks to the new controls I've been very close to beating intermediate (about 5% health second and third try), while I couldn't even lower its health to 40% when I tried last time with old controls.

Keep it up, overall this is very good, I love it an I'm looking forward to seeing more.

I loved the feel of the controls at first, after an hour i realised one really important factor...

I loved being able to lean to left and jab with right hand, it felt more technical and like a real boxer. being able to individually control each arm is better IMO. But keep the options, being able to switch back is great.

Great work.


After beginner level, the difficulty really increased. I just don't know how to break the defense but the opponent does combos to me and knocks me out easily. You definitely need a tutorial, not a sandbox dummy punching level.


Begginer level is very difficult and the controls arnt very clear,

but after playing for a while i really enjoy the concept and i allready was a huge fan

Thanks for making this game!!!


Gimme Mac Support   👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

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Controls didn't feel good to me still felt awkward. I can see why a some people would enjoy, but honestly I would have the punch linked to analog stick forward for jab and a hook be the analog stick to the right rolled to the forward position. Its to hard to hit the rb while rotating the right stick. Maybe change rb to r2. Also when started controller can't control menu by itself still have to use keyboard in mouse. Other than that I think your making great progress. I am still confused on somethings like why does pressing b button hurt you and turn your face blue?

I actually think keyboard and mouse is solid. One thing is, it feels very hard to get a left hand punch when using the mouse with your right hand. A fix for this would a slider to account for hand bias perhaps. Another small bug is when I've been holding down block, if I click left mouse without letting go of block, it doesn't register. What should happen is it should switch to the most recent input. Camera height should be changeable as well. Final small critique, the game makes me quite dizzy, as I'm spinning around a lot, not sure how to fix this though.

Much better than previous version! But can you add Stadia controller support as well?

I like the new noobs control

My problem with the game is probably me :) Can't handle the leaning mechanic so Toby beats me down quickly and after 10 minutes I lose interest. Important: Not saying it is bad, just not my kind of game.

hey i just tried the demo and after a moment got the hand of the one of my fight againts the AI i Won the Winning Ui appear and in the same time the AI was Dropping down a Random Punch Got me ( it was a pretty Close fight ) so the winning Ui Switched to Loser Ui


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The AI blocks way to much in my opinion, if there's a way to get around that it should atleast be explained...

Yeah for sure, maybe make first guy easier not blocking as much. Also how about a tutorial explaining everything on first fight? or atleast in practice it should walk you through all the steps on the dummy. Then introduce an ai opponent that sucks so you can get the feel and build confidence over time and have a gradual progression of difficulty.

I completely agree!

I can't seem to play on controller for some reason. I've hooked up 2 different controllers and none of them are working in the game. I've used the same controller for the older versions of the demo and now I can't use it. I know the controller works as I have tested it with other games. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I cant play with keyboard and mouse because it is really bad. Please help me.

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I see some comments about the game being hard to play on keyboard and mouse, I've tried both keyboard and controller and I can say that controller is easier. But the game also felt like one of them console games the way you can contort you characters bodies to maximise the power of your punch with the joystick felt surreal although I am I die hard pc fan I will only play this game with a controller. Because replaying the game with a keyboard and mouse felt alien to me and people may see this in a negative light, I see this a positive thing the game is so good it makes you immersed in it when playing with a controller and I feel like that is what Ponty was going for. also for clarification I concur with the statement that the difficulty from beginner to intermediate is comical but it makes the game rewarding when you bash tf out of Pointy's annoying ass head with a combo.

i played it i keyboard its so hard to play every pc player have mouse not controller

And the game needs a life of music

And a sense of the opponent's anger, expressing some feelings

Some annoying audience

They might throw some tomatoes if I stay on defense

You have to find a way to control no one wants to play with control

If I will suffer from a strong opponent, yes, I will endure and want to defeat him, but the control, especially the mouse and keyboard, is

Needs audience ambience for sure, and music 100%


pointy is op


Haha great job Ponty. Intermediate kicked my ass. Honestly, though way to go on the AI here! Excited to see more from you!


For the keyboard and mouse players you should lock the cursor in place, sometimes when I try to lean, the cursor just exits the screen and I can't hit for a couple of seconds.

You should add music. Music makes that adrenaline rush to make you win.

unbalanced ai

the intermediate does things you cant do for example: hit you and deal damage, block hits and in turn doesnt take damage

ive been trying the intermediate and i hit him directly in the head but it doesnt do anything. when he hits my head he combos and kills me.


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think i got a fix.

when you hit him directly on the head or his side without hitting his glovves when hes blocking he doesnt take damage but you do in the same situation. the fix for this would be to make it so the ai doesnt just ignore all damage when it is  blocking no matter what and make it like the player where if the gloves are hit no damage is done but when you hit a body part damage is done


The game doesn't seem to be picking up my controller but working with mouse and keyboard. How can I get it to work with my controller? :O

But I love the game and they physics! Looks good and plays good too! Can't wait for the full game will definitely be buying it!

Same here. Did you figure it out how to play with controller

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       any questions?

edit: just beat my record

Wow, respect...

Pls how to beat intermediate that guy keeps blocking

                                                  i  dont know how i did this


I love the game, it has a great and simple look, the gameplay is easy to understand but hard to master.


  • Look great!
  • Sound FX and visual FX are very cool
  • GamePlay is great and fun, very good game feel


  • Add a crowd shoot out and coach comments
  • Online LeaderBoard
  • Multiplayer will be great!

pls do it for mac

Love it! Great work!

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Yea the stamina is so random, it shows I'm exhausted when I only do 2 punches sometimes.

The punch feels random as well, quite difficult to aim. Enemy hitbox is half the size of the player. It'll be better if the punch is aiming at the mouse position for mouse&keyboard and have aim assist (at the actual head) for console/controller.

It would be great if there is a counter punch mechanic, b/c from Normal to Hard the AI gives some very small windows to none for the player to attack.

There's a glitch where player/enemy hand went behind their back and got stuck

Overall a solid demo, 3.5 out 5

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I really like what I can do of it, as I am playing with mouse and keyboard ATM, and the mouse is just hidden from view, so it will grab the edges of the screen and shrink it, which is super annoying, I know this wouldn't be too hard to fix unless it's super hard in unreal, but In Godot, it's one click.
Going to play with controller later.


Played with controller and same problem, grabbed the edge of the screen

I don't know if its just me, but its such a simple fix


I really like this combat system but i hate when randomly i lose all my stamina from doing just one punch while enemy is doing like 10 of those every few secounds


bruh mac build please










linux build too

or, even better : web build! (if performance not too bad tho)

unreal engine docent even do web builds

and this game is do demanding for a web game





how do you block on keyborad and mouse?


Q and E


thank you very much good sir


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