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I really loved that ! Your did a great job.EPIK!

Some advices:

-When you get behind of the dummy ,camera comes your back so slow maybe you can increase the speed of camera.

-You should add much more particles (or vibration ) to the Super Charge.

-When you touch to the left stick slowly (I mean really really slow) ,character starts to moving, maybe you can decrease the amount of starting sensitivity or whatever it is calling

its excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!! controls are great!!! everything deserves a learning curve after 30+ mins i'm moving like floyd lol

2 player mode plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So there is one problem but every thing else is great. The problem is, It is lacking in the feel of the game.

You could do is add some music because it just sounds empty when your playing.

 You could also add some cheering in the background too.

You could make different modes like 4 players and they have to be the last one standing or first to eliminate someone.

I would play this game with my family and I really love what your doing.

(I am trying to learn unreal engine.)

cheering sounds would be cool

Hey hey! I loved this demo! Here are some points of feedback;

  • The charge-up punch could do with a little more feedback, e.g. controller rumble that matches how charged up the punch is and a low sine wave hum for an audio indicator.
  • When charging up the punch, there should be a risk in doing so, e.g your movement could gradually be slowed the longer you have the punch charged, or after having the punch charged up without releasing for too long, it will automatically punch for you and then cause your stamina to completely deplete.
  • Going directly from a charged fist to a block should have a risk. It feels like in an actual game this could be a cheap way to bait the enemy, reducing the skill cap, but this depends if you want it to be like this. Personally, I would prefer to have it so going directly from a charged fist to block would drain your stamina so you cant immediately go back to punching. This would obviously slightly reduce the pace so it's up to you.
  • This one might be a bit far-fetched, but maybe there could somehow be a "Super Uppercut" that applies upwards momentum to the player, with a change of knocking them out of the ring? Just a fun thought I had.

A couple of bugs:

  • There are particles that play on only the right fist, not the left when fully charged.
  • Blocking does not cancel the particles after going directly from a right fist charge up to a block.

Anyways, keep up the great work! I'm loving the dev logs as I'm looking at possibly become an indie game dev once I graduate this year and it's super inspiring! Can't wait to buy the game when it's released :D


Add PC controls please


Here is my review guys! 

It's kind of unperformant on my pc. : (


Oof, only controller support..

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I noticed how precise your distance from the dummy had to be to get a good hit, it felt a little bit hard to judge. The stamina also regained a little bit too fast. In a real match, I feel like you could just run away if you lose your stamina. Getting the timing correct with the hook is a little bit hard too, and its the attack that most people will try to use. 

Even in the full version, I feel like I'd get bored fast just doing 1 v 1 basic matches. Mini games, tournament brackets or online multiplayer would be cool (I know hard hard online multiplayer is to add to a game, I've tried)

More environments are needed, I'm picturing something like this for some reason (boxing ring from super smash bros)


I really like how satisfying it is to land a hard hit, and the visual style is cool too.

playing felt fun in general

Very fun to play. looking forward to playing against someone. couple of ideas I thought. i know the game isn't supposed to be 100% real life, this is just ideas

1.The quick straight jabs and crosses have less range than the power shots. 

Normal Life: power shot (hooks Uppercut) arms, are bent around 90degrees so around half the distance than a straight quick jab/cross 

2. The head is a little loose when going side to side.

Normal Life: slipping side to side the head stays pretty much still or boxers would end up dizzy

3, When stamina is low the punches stop but the noises keep going which I thought was confusing.

Maybe just needs an If Branch chucked in where the play punch sound bit is.

4.Uppercuts were a bit fiddly at first, unable to do a power uppercut to the face(Probably my controller fighting skills)

for me the uppercut i had to lean right then down to uppercut, don't know if this is intended

great game, great YouTube videos keep up the good work!!!

3 ideas

1.Backround Noise (like in a gym) 

2.commentator on power shot landed and knockouts, ref counting  reaction/memory/puzzle games for training stats?

heavy bag press buttons at right time (strength)

speedbag (speed)

swinging tennis ball practise slipping side to side (ermm Defence/chin)

running/skipping ropes, rapid key bashing at the right times (stamina)

in game mini games would make nice YouTube videos, little side projects to try out new things.


I love the look and style of the game. But, there are some things you should add. (Please upvote this comment so he sees this).

1. Add better looking UI for the health and stamina bar. They look a little sharp right now.

2. Add online matches so you can play with friends online as well as random people.

3. Add levels so that you can unlock things like special items like hats, gloves, and pants.

4. Idk other cool stuff.

Thanks for listening Ponty.


i hope a linux build comes soon!

Same here, it looks like this on wine lol: 


It’s so fun,



Does ps5 controller work?

I mean i would think so because they are basically the same but ask Ponty.

if you mean the dualsense feedback no. It's currently unsupported. But that would be cool if will be released on PS5.

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Pretty good demo but one thing the block controls don't feel good. Instead of hold for each and for the blocking why not if you hold on one hand you block with the opposite hand as well but only for the block.

Thanks Pontypants Epik pegboard for you


i really like how things move in this game, it looks so fluid, but the controls are a little too intense, you know? i think if the dodge and the leaning into the punch parts were easier to pull off, it would make the game feel better.


Really EPIK


It doesn't let me move with my ps4 controller :(

If you are on windows, you need to use ds4windows, you can plug in to the pc or use bluetooth (to connect you hold the PS button and the Share button) Hope this helps :D

i noticed that when you try and throw a charged attack if you let go on ps4 of the stick and youre to far away from the enemy it doesn't doe anything and does not allow fake puches by bucking up last minute it the hit boxes of th glove feel weird to me but idk why that my just be me but its asome so far and i loved it so far and everything that was in it was pretty much perfect

i love the game but some time the punches douse not count i think its because it dousnt now some times  if u leave the Triger  


Gameplay idea:

When the player charges both hands, I think you should make it charge a headbutt. Maybe it will stun both players, but the player who was hit by the headbutt will be stunned longer.

how do i move bc i cant move plz tell me controlls

You can only move with a controller apparently.

Can you implement mouse and keyboard controls?


The only issue I had with controls is when I do a Left Hook, or any punches to do with the left I tend to want to pull the left thumbstick back instead of the right. I would just have to get use to not doing that because if you assigned the left thumbstick to emulate the right you wouldn't be able to move. All in all the physics are nice. Good job. PS.. You should make this a four player network game, four players each corner and let them have at it, I think that would be pretty cool. 

Punching honestly feels kind of inconsistent. It isn't exactly clear how to get the most possible damage out of an attack and sometimes the punch doesn't even come out. More input leniency and indicators of a strong attack are a must at this point in time.

You can charge both hands at the same time



he really need to add such thig 

Hahaha yes!


You should add a health bar for the dummy so we can test out which moves do the most damage and see how much damage the moves do without need to hear the noises for the punches.


I was curious as to if my steam controller worked because I believe they often map to xbox controls, however this was not the case and I tried an xbox controller instead.

The controls are neat but it took a moment for my hand coordination to realise my right thumb needs to move even when controlling the left arm. I think they will have a good learning curve to them but punching the dummy isn't going to teach you half the skills. The real test will be in a player vs player match


very good. the controls feels good, but aren't that easy to master by the way it's very cool when you are able to make a very strong punch. nice job that's really cool

bro the game dosent wanna run

its 64 bit tho


can somebody add keyboard controls plzzzzzz

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Very cool


add keyboard controls tho


i see keyboard controls confusing to be honest

Yeah, understandable, but a lot of people may not have controllers, if he works on good feeling keyboard (maybe keboard and mouse) controls it would make the game available to a larger audience. 

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Hey, I came here early just to say: Punch cancellation!

It'd be cool if you could cancel a punch in order to fake out your opponent.

Currently you are able to cancel a punch by blocking, this has 2 issues though:

- The charge effect keeps playing;

- This is difficult for people who use one finger instead of 2 fingers on the trigger and bumpers.

Anyways, good work, keep it going!


Can you plz add a ps4 controller option!


get a program called ds4 windows, it tricks your pc into thinking you ps4 controller is an xbox controller

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Also, Steam support the ps4 controller without installing ds4windows software

You can add the demo on steam library as an "non steam game" so the demo will appears with your other steam games, and the PS4 controller will work without installing ds4windows ;)

When are we getting a mac build?

Complicated, he would have to get a Mac, or use a VM to build the game.



this is just so epik, the epikness is already flowing through my veins


Linux user (me) crying in the corner

I know how it is, it kind of works using wine but has shader issues. good news is the ps4 controls work for me :D

I see you are running Gnome, you know, I am an i3gaps myself


thanks for sharing this amazing game

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