This game was created for Brackeys GameJam 2021.1

Can you make it through all the 15 mind-bending challenges?

You control both explorers with the same controller/keyboard. One jumps, the other jumps. One runs, the other follows.

The Making Of  Mindloop:

WARNING: Most people can't finish the last level!

It gets DIFFICULT towards the end, but it is never unfair. If you find yourself trying to hack your way to the door, think again ;) All levels have a solution.

You must reach the door in each level with BOTH characters.

The door is too heavy for only one to open. The path is not always as easy as it may first seem.


Solutions to all levels (cheater 😉 ):

I did not intend for it to be this difficult, I have made adjustments to the level to make it less punishing. But until the game jam is over I cannot upload the updated version. So we are stuck with the difficult version for a while :(

Hopefully, this helps you out in case you are stuck, but that's all the help you get, the rest is up to you ;)



Move: WASD / Arrow Keys

Open door: Press up (W) or (Arrow UP)

Jump: Space

Reset Level: R

Menu: ESC

XBOX Controller:

Move: DPAD

Open door: DPAD UP

Jump: A

Reset Level: Y



Music by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen

Art packs used:

Main Art:

UI Art:

Level Door:

Music and SFX provided by Epidemic Sound

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(37 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Tagsbraid, braid-like, braidlike, Puzzle-Platformer

Install instructions

1: Download game.

2: Unzip folder.

3: Launch MindLoop.exe


MindLoop By 38 MB


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I beat it. Great game! Personally found Level 14 to be the hardest out of all of them.



Mindloop Walkthrough



honest opinion, second to last level took minutes and is so much harder than the last level which took a few tries. Concept is good and the controls are basic but neat. Overall hard and rewarding game 8.5/10. 

Totally agree, mate. That penultimate level was arse-clenchingly difficult! I experienced a bit of lag because I zoomed in the screen to better see the characters' feet while on the ledges but it was worth it. Great game, Pontypants!

wtf 😭

I agree. 14>15 in difficulty terms.

its sooo hard

I reached the first stone level before my brain broke lol

I have to ask, are the two players stats (move speed/weight) ever so slightly different? I swear the pink one was always heavier/slower. It could be browser lag, or the time between processing one vs. the other, but I swear the pink one always felt sluggish. I'd find on certain levels the order made certain jumps easier if I changed the order of who went where..

Other than that, loved the game! Would totally play more levels!

Funny story, I actually started calling the pink one Patty McFatty. The blue one I started calling Ben Bonk because he was always bonking his head on a corner when you didn't want him to. lol

Yeah, different character attributes would really add an interesting twist to this! Although I found it pretty tough as is, I'd totally play that! :D

I love it


Honestly this game is terrible. Nice idea, but the controls are literally trash. The puzzles themselves are alright, but why do I have to try 15 times to do a puzzle I already know the solution to?


that because YOU are terrible, not the game.


just get good


characters sus



Doesn't load properly on Safari 14/Mac OS 11 (Big Sur).

Such a fun concept! the graphics are cute, and the levels are stratigic, a really enjoyable game all around.

Great game

You kan double jump!


I would love to play with just one hand... like jumping with the up arrow and opening the door with the down arrow. not everyone can use both hands :(

You can use WASD


(1 edit)

won't load 



about the large gaps, I struggled with them too but found that the trick is to hold spacebar longer :D

i like it , it was fun and made me smile most of the levels (i am at 12 now )


large gaps are annoying, and I found a weird glitch that can happen when you reset the level and immediately move and jump, the blue will move or stack on pink(stage 3) and pink won't do anything.


Good Game but the Gaps are too big


the large jump gap is so annoying


This game is too difficult on the platforming end. The puzzles were all simple but hard to execute, which made it just way too frustrating overall. The fact that if I fail one jump, I have to start over with the puzzle is also just, not fun.


Like the game, weren't hard to figure out what to do, the jumps were just way to big.

my problem with thw game was that i knew what to do but i couldn't make the jumps :(   but thats probably my fault.

It took me about 1 hour to finish the game, it was entertainment, I really like it.

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Overall a great game for something in 3 days. Nice art style and (while i've seen it before) neat little premise of requiring both at the goal.

That said, it's a horrible game for a platformer in terms of control

Jumps are too precise. Some extra air time or a larger jump would easily fix this. I would understand in later levels for it to need more skill but level 3 seems a bit fast.

Also requiring a restart each time you fall in the pit seems a bit much and hurts the pride. No spikes or any death traps, you just can't escape.

Difficulty feels artificial

Had to stop at level 4 of all places due to frustration....

I've played solo through all 3 Dark Souls and Demon Souls. While they may not be platformers, they shouldn't be less frustrating than this game.

3/10 - Past its visual and premise, not much to enjoy

Took me over an hour to finish 12 levels, still 3 to go, but that's enough for today... :)
Absolutely great game !!!
I really love this game, well done.

Too hard to the point where its not fun to playr

So hard isn't even fun anymore



among usssss


I came from Youtube as soon as I've seen the video, It's been pretty difficult it took me half an hour to finish it, why levels from 11 to 15 remain blue after completion? 

Congratulations, it's crazy this has been made in 3 days! Some levels are really difficult and require perfection to be finished

one jump on level 3 is hard to do and requires pixel-perfect timing. I have tried it for 2 hours and nothing.

i figured it out and got it in 3 mins :P

just wait till you get out of the tutorial



it is just a black screen browser I’m playing on


WebGL build not working. just a black screen.

did you play it in the browser version of itch or the downloaded version of itch

browser version

I'm guessing that the latest update made level 10 impossible.                          Now

I'm guessing that the latest update made level 10 impossible.                         Then

The top bar was shifted further. This means you can't launch pink mid launch which is what you have to successfully land blues jump.

(1 edit)

Not impossible. I just did it by simply jumping 3 times. Walk, Jump, Boost, then jump again just in time. tricky, but possible.

Nice game! 

The thing that ruined it for me was the big jump on
level 4-9 It was SUPER upsetting when I could not make it and had to restart

level 3 takes too long and I would not have guessed how to do it until I watched your video

I would recommend not making the player restart when they mess up a jump that is nearly impossible

I had a similar experience as MrMuff here! I really like the idea and the game, but I think you can try implementing a more forgiving "coyote time" or "jump buffer" so that the jumps feel a little more easy to execute and require less precision. :) Great game!

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